Car Stats


I have always thought the MG Midget would make an excellent electric car. It is one of the lightest vehicles around, and it requires no power anything to work. By this I mean no power steering, brakes, air conditioning, etc. With LiFePo batteries you can keep the added weight down to the same as carrying a passenger. So here I’ll try to describe the basic characteristics of my converted car.


Components used:

Motor                    Warp 9 Impulse

Controller              Soliton Jr.

Batteries               (38) 160Ah Thundersky lifepo cells

BMS                     Elithion

Charger                 Elcon PFC2500

Heater                  Ceramic element (hi 1100 watts, low 375 watts)

Water-cooling        Phobya CD12-220 pump, brass radiator for water cooled CPU

DC-DC converter   120volt to 13.8 volt  (65 watts)



I was able to obtain the use of 4 scales, one for each wheel when I started this project. This allowed me to weigh my stock 1974 gas midget, and my 1977 electric midget as I built it. Below are the weights (units are in lbs)


’74 Gas midget 

LF 427, RF 436, LR 414, RR 403   Total = 1680, weight distribution 51.37%


’77 electric midget with the Warp 9 Impulse motor installed

LF 413, RF 370, LR 344, RR 376   Total = 1497


’77 electric midget, 20 batteries in the trunk, 18 batteries in the engine compartment, ready to run

LF 488 RF 489, LR 550, RR 533   Total = 2060, weight distribution 47.4%



Weight  2060 lbs

Cd coefficient of drag (est)  .48

Frontal area (meters)  1.67

Crr Rolling Resistance  .013

Max motor torque @580amps 90 ft-lbs

Estimated best 0-60 mph time 12 sec

Range @ 55 mph is 78 miles (no stops, starts, 80% DOD)

Latest measurements show 83 miles at 50 mph, 80% DOD, I removed the luggage rack (5% reduction in power required at 55 mph!!), and freed up the emergency brake cable.

Measured range to empty pack (when BMS detected a low cell at 2.7 volts) 112 miles!