The Warp 9 Impulse


There are a few reasons why I feel the Warp 9 Impulse motor is a good choice for the MG Midget. The first is the overall length. It fits in such a way that you can use the original engine mounts. The second reason is the torque of 70 lbf·ft at 450 amps is close to that of the original gas engine. The 1275's produced 72 lbf·ft (98 Nm), and the 1500's produced 88 lbf·ft. This means that with a normal size controller you can get the Midget to perform very close to the gas version. Since I wanted to replace my gas Midget with an electric version , this was important to me. With a 1000 amp controller you can put out over twice the torque of the gas engine. The third reason is that you can still drive 500 amps into the motor at 5000 RPM with a 120 volt battery pack. This makes the car drive VERY much like a real Midget. If you were to pick a larger motor, your amps would fall off when the RPM gets above 3000. This will make you shift at a lower rpm than what is normal for this car. You still get great acceleration, but in a limited RPM range. The Midget's normal redline was 5500 to 6000 RPM. Since the max RPM for this motor is 5000 to 5500, it makes a good match if your trying to maintain the feel of an original Midget.




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